ENG – ISO 27001:2022 – AMD 1:2024 update kit


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The recent update of ISO/IEC 27001, whose full name is now ISO/IEC 27001:2022/Amd 1:2024, has introduced new requirements that respond to issues related to climate change.

This update modified Annex SL by integrating the two requirements:

4.1 Understand the organization and its context.
The organization must determine the external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and that influence its ability to achieve the intended outcome(s) of its management system.
Added – “The organization will need to determine whether climate change is a relevant issue.”

4.2 Understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders.
The organization must determine: (i) the interested parties that are relevant to the management system; (ii) the relevant requirements of such interested parties; (iii) which of these requirements will be met through the management system.
Added – “NOTE: Relevant stakeholders may have requirements related to climate change”

This Kit allows you to carry out this update quickly and completely.
It is made up:

1) Climate risk assessment procedure (with 5 modules, all documents are in MS Word and MS Excel format)
Extract_Climate Risk Management Procedure

2) Procedure for the Verification of Requirements of Interested Parties Related to Climate Change (MS Word format)

3) Operational guide to carry out this update (16-page PDF format)

4) Excel tool for risk assessment calculation
This MS Excel software allows you to quickly define each individual risk being analysed, with the related prevention measures, and automatically calculate the risk level starting from severity and probability, with chromatic highlighting of the calculated risk level (HIGH: red – MEDIUM: yellow color – LOW: green color).
It is possible to customize all the contents, including the voices
All in a very elegant format and ready to be used in any report/documentation.